Question: How does this differ from a psychiatrist, psychotherapist or physician visit?

Answer: The Holy Spirit, not the individual, reveals the spiritual reasons causing physical afflictions. There are no prescribed medications, techniques, or gimmicks involved.


Question: What can I expect?

Answer:  Each individual is different.  Because unclean spirits, and their “unwelcomed guests,” do not want to leave where they have made themselves comfortable, there may be resistance.   But God, who is Spirit, will not allow any of His children to be harmed during their cleansing process.

[It is] Not that which goes into the mouth that defiles a man; but that which comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man. Matthew 15:11

Question: Do you have to travel to a location for the sessions?

Answer: No. We have setup remote sessions. As long as you have a phone, (a computer and internet, optional for videoconferencing) we can conduct sessions.


Question: Is there a fee?

Answer: Yes.  This work is results based Christian Counseling and it is written, the workman is worthy of his meat,  1 Timothy 5:18. Additional materials to maintain your wellness are also provided.

One hour individual sessions are $90

Two and Four Hour sessions are available upon request at discounted rates.

                  A signed confidentiality agreement is required before the first session begins and will be sent upon your Confirmed Appointment.

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