For many are called, but few are chosen. [A]nd whom He called; them He also justified, that we might be
justified by faith.
Matthew 22:14, Romans 8:30 (b), Galatians 3:24.
 Pastor Andrelle
Pastor Andrelle

I was told by the LORD I had answered His call. “To do what?” was my response. Soon thereafter every event in my life changed. I learned to just live by faith while being trained in Spiritual warfare, applying the Word, believing in the Word, and listening for instruction from the LORD’s voice. His work has become my life. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, The 5-Step Spiritual Therapy processTM was founded, and several books written. I am a Kingdom Trainer, Training others to Lead in Truth.TM            My mission and vision is to equip the body of Christ with strategic tools to overcome every obstacle in life.

“Every Earthly Encounter Has a Spiritual Resolution.”

Statement of Faith
  • Belief in the One True God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (renamed [the nation of] Israel).
  • Belief that Jesus is the Son of God and that he and the Father are One.
  • Belief that Jesus gave those who believe in His name, power over all the power of the enemy.
  • Belief that Jesus gave those who believe in His name, keys to the Kingdom to bind and loose in earth and heaven.
  • Belief that you must be born again by water, Holy Spirit, and fire baptisms.
  • Belief in and exercising the Spiritual Gifts of God; speaking in unknown tongues.
  • Belief in applying the Spiritual Word of God to our physical lives to live abundantly without compromise.
  • Belief that without faith it is impossible to please God.