Don’t Get it Twisted

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When you are delivered and set free from something, it does not return. You do not need to pray about it, or deal with it. Because you are no longer tempted by it.  It is Finished! Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.  I can personally attest to this Truth!  As He was then, He is Now, and forever will be. The Lord’s power changeth Not!
Back when Moses and Aaron met Janes and Jambres (warlocks) they replicated the same acts as the Lord’s sent. But in the end, it was Aaron’s rod that ate Janes and Jambres’ rod.
Exodus 7:10-12 KJV
So if your” ‘ism,” “schism,” “ain’t,” or “can’t” is not destroyed, you might want to check whom [really] set you free.
There are many false prophets out here whom the Lord has not sent.

O foolish Galatians who have bewitched you? Galatians 3:1


Twisted Truth is Wickedness