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I had come to the end of me.  With my best efforts, my way of living was yielding very little “joy” in life.  I was frustrated, confused and had no more drive to keep living this way.  I didn’t want to die but life was a chore.  Church gave me the living word, fellowship and hope.  But I also needed deliverance from the strongholds of my old self: worry, confusion, negative thinking habits and bad decisions.  So I prayed and prayed some more.  I had heard about deliverance but I didn’t know much about it.  Then God led me to Andrelle Wiley.  After beginning “Spiritual Therapy”, my soul was lifted to a clearer view of God’s will for my life and the Holy Spirit was able to fill my heart more than ever before.  I truly felt the “Joy of the Lord”.  Initially, my soul mourned the old self since I had lived that way for so long.  But through the word of God and more spiritual cleansing, I am being released to serving God better and enjoying life.  I am seeing life with “new eyes”.  I am on my way to higher ground in Christ.