Raising respectable children

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     If you are here, then you either are or will be a parent who should want THE BEST for your child[ren].  Now, the definition of BEST can have different meanings to different people. But the foundation for your Heritage from the Lord is to train a child in the way s/he should go and they will not depart from what was taught when they are old.

First, let it be known that God creates the human being whose bones are growing in a Mother’s womb. Therefore, not only are proper foods, rest, exercise, and vitamins required for the healthy growth of your child, but also the [spiritual] words you say.

Your words frame your child’s life. You are their first role model. 

Did you know a child can be rejected from the womb, and s/he carries that spirit of rejection throughout life?

A girl was born instead of a boy, or vice versa.   Unplanned/unwanted [thoughts] during pregnancy.

It is OK!

You cannot teach what you do not know.

Be on guard what you allow them to watch, read, or play. Not everything designed for children is good. Understand before you became a parent, the evil spirits of this world want to train your child.  The power struggle for the control of God’s creation began in the book of Genesis.

Satan wants your children. 

You control what your child read, watch, or play according to the type of spirits you want in your home. Avoid Disney, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Witches(good or bad)

It is NOT OK to remain ignorant.


Do not be the stumblingblock of your child.

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