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One Sunday morning in November 2007, I had a sudden attack of extreme pain due to a toothache.  Having suffered from this type of extreme pain before, I resigned myself to the fact (which I now realize is not fact) that I would have to have this tooth extracted to relieve this pain, as I had done on two previous occasions.  No type of pain reliever worked in lessening the pain.  I stayed home from church because the pain was so bad.  A Servant of the Most High God (who I will refer to as Angel) called me after church service to see why I had missed the service.  As I explained what was happening Angel said she was on her way over to my home.  She arrived and had me to lie down in bed and she began to WAR in the spirit realm.  I have had and heard of people pray healing prayers, but I had never experienced anything like this before.

After over an hour of warfare prayer in the spirit the pain completely left and the swelling went down.  She prayed until the Holy Spirit released her.  I have had no more pain and did not have to have my tooth extracted.  ALL PRAISE, HONOR AND GLORY BELONG TO GOD MY HEALER, MY HEALTH AND MY STRENGTH.  I pray this testimony is a blessing to the readers as to the GREATNESS OF OUR GOD AND HIS HEALING POWER.