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How does one come to learn their purpose and once they do, how is it cultivated?

This question was answered during our Sunday night call.

I found the book of Nehemiah to be very helpful for my inquisition.   He had a  low level "life threatening" job as the Kings cup bearer, (1:11) which meant he had to taste test every cup of wine before it was given to the king to make sure it wasn't poisoned. His brother came to him and told him about the broken Jersualem wall the burned gates.  These words grieved Nehemiah to the point he felt he had to do something. The Lord placed that "burden" in his heart as he said in Chapter 2:12.  Afterward, he needed to go to his employer, the king to get time off to do the work of the Lord,and began recruiting others by telling them that the hand of God was good upon him (2:18).  He met plenty of haters who mocked him and succeeded in temporarily stopping his assignment along the way.  But because he remembered what God had done for Moses, in the books of  the Torah, his steadfast faithfulness and obedience to completion promoted him to Governor.


1) God places a yearning desire in your heart to do something that will benefit others

2) God has [already]provided references of others whose strength and courage you can draw from

3) God will provide the resources for the task(s)

4) Fight and Do not give up when opposition rears its ugly head.

5) Complete His Will and you will be promoted.


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